A veteran of Sakhalin journalism made a luxurious gift to the library and its readers – Sovetsky Sakhalin

Another exhibit appeared in the regional universal scientific library – a smooth stitch embroidered portrait of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. This is a gift for the 75th anniversary of the library from the veteran of Sakhalin journalism, member of the Russian Union of Journalists, Violeta Rumyantseva.

The merits of the creative work are evidenced by the fact that the author was awarded the victory in the nomination “Best work of arts and crafts” at the III regional competition for works of art “Sakhalin for Chekhov”, which was held by the regional art museum.

“I decided to donate this work to my beloved library as a sign of gratitude for all that its wonderful team does for the people of Sakhalin,” said Violetta Rumyantseva. – I have loved to read since I was a child, and now that I am a pensioner, when I have more time for this hobby, I constantly use the services of the library. Even earlier, when I was studying at university and working in journalism, I was often helped here to find the information I needed.

Violeta Aleksandrovna worked for many years in the media – in the regional newspapers “Shock Front”, “Morning of the Motherland”, in the regional committee on television and radio, in the press offices of the regional Duma and the tax inspection department. She wrote and published the book “Garden and Garden of Sakhalin”, which quickly sold out among summer residents of the island. And her works of artistic embroidery delight friends, and now they will also delight visitors to the Chekhov Hall of the regional library.

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