A resident of Veliky Novgorod will be tried for setting someone else’s car on fire – Vestnik “Novgorod” Veliky Novgorod

The investigative department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the city of Veliky Novgorod has completed the investigation of a criminal case against a previously convicted resident of the regional center. A 31-year-old man is accused of intentionally destroying someone else’s property by arson.

On the night of February 16-17, 2022, he was with friends in one of the hostels in the city. Unfortunately, during the meeting, the owners of the room, a young woman, and her roommate got into an argument and the guest was forced to leave.

It is not known why the man decided to vent his anger about the ruined evening in a KIA SOUL car owned by the neighbors of the scandalous couple. One can only assume that the neighbors may be an indirect cause of the quarrel.

The car was not locked, and the attacker set fire to the compartment several times, but nothing started. He only found out when he found a cardboard box and a can of air freshener next to the trash cans. As a result of the fire, the car, the price of which the victim estimated at 650 thousand rubles, was completely destroyed.

The very next day, the arsonist was discovered by the video surveillance cameras of the Criminal Investigation Department of Police Department No. 1 of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the city of Veliky Novgorod.

Recently, this criminal case was received by the Novgorod District Court. He faces up to 5 years in prison.

photo from open sources

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