A resident of Apatiti transferred almost 400 thousand to scammers

A 38-year-old local resident filed a complaint at the Apatiti town police station. The woman explained that she had become a victim of fraud.

Yesterday she received a call from an unknown number. The caller identified himself as a law enforcement officer. He said an unknown person, using a power of attorney, was allegedly trying to get a loan in the name of a northerner. Then the “legend” was confirmed by a fake bank employee, who then offered the northerner to get a loan and transfer money to a secure account.

The deceived apatite came to the nearest branch of the bank on Fersman Street, where she took a loan in the amount of 400,000 rubles. After that, she transferred 395 thousand rubles to two bank account numbers specified by the attacker in 40 operations. The remaining money in the amount of five thousand rubles the northerner was told to keep as a gift from the bank.

Then the fake bank employee told the apathetic woman that she needed to take another loan for 400 thousand rubles, but at another bank. It is said that this will help to close the credit potential and fraudsters will definitely not be able to get a loan in the name of the northerner. The woman went to the bank again, started to arrange the loan, but at the last moment realized that she had become a victim of fraudsters and filed a complaint with the police.

A criminal case has been opened. The article’s maximum penalty is imprisonment for up to six years.


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