A representative of the Murmansk aviation forestry mastered the unique profession of pilot-observer

Representativeb Aviation defense of forests in Murmansk is being masteredet in the Moscow region a unique profession of pilot-observer for fighting hard-to-reach forest fires in region.

According to the press service of the Federal Aviation Forestry, there are only about 300 such specialists in Russia. The training began in September 2022 and will end in April 2023.

The future new professional of Murmansk Aviation Forest Protection is Alexander Rasputin. He mastered the work of an observer pilot in the only one in Russia for the training of such specialists Aviation Training Center of the Federal Aviation Forest Protection in Pushkino near Moscow.

During the detection, monitoring and extinguishing of forest fires, pilot-observers analyze navigation, weather, landscape and other factors, make decisions on which the success of fighting the fire depends, as well as the lives of the paratroopers and the aircraft crew. Furthermore, spotter pilots use the method of artificially inducing rain to extinguish fires using the Cyclone drill plane.

Along with the theory, which goes mainly to Pushkino, there is a lot of practice in the preparation of letnabs. So, at the Tver airport “Zmeyovo” the cadets underwent training in lowering special ropes from a helicopter.

Video: press service of the Federal Aviation Protection of Forests



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