A Murmansk woman makes magical amulets from natural minerals

Astrophyllites, amethysts, garnets, zircons, obsidian – there are no precious stones in Kristina Alekperova’s collection! In her hands, these stones become talismans – spectacular decorations, interior accessories that not only attract love, luck, prosperity into the lives of their owners, but are sometimes able to heal from various diseases.

a gift of the forest

“I immersed myself in the study of the magical properties of natural minerals a little over a year and a half ago,” says Christina. “I was pregnant with my second daughter Olivia at the time and wanted to buy some kind of charm for an easy birth. I found a girl on the internet who made various talismans from elongated dZi beads, they are considered very powerful talismans, “stones of the gods”. She made me some protective jewelry and shipping was really easy and hassle free. After a while, I started buying smooth polished natural stone beads myself. In the evenings, she collected earrings and bracelets from them, while reading in various sources about the magical properties of precious stones.

And soon raw pieces of minerals of various shapes and sizes began to appear in the house. The woman from Murmansk bought them from enthusiastic collectors on specialized forums and from esotericists, and sometimes she just wore them from the street – the Kola Peninsula is famous for the richness of its bowels. Today, Christina’s small two-room apartment looks like a stone museum, where you can see hundreds of different exhibits.

“The first of my collection ended up in our house in a rather mysterious way,” recalls the craftswoman. – Once my husband and I decided to spend the weekend in a tent by the lake near Kovdor. We got there and the first thing we saw were mountains of trash. We decided to put things in order, collected several bags of boxes, bottles, bags, cooked dinner and went to bed. And in the morning, near the tent, I found a stone of incredible beauty, glittering with all colors in the first rays of the sun. I brought home the gift of the forest. But she was able to identify him only a few months later. It turned out to be fluorite with chalcedony. I still can’t get enough of them.

Mineral instead of pills

Over time, Christina’s mineral collection is replenished. The stones were brought to the girl by friends who work at construction sites, friends brought them from trips, but mostly the Murmansk woman got the stones herself.

“I can’t count how much money I’ve spent on my hobby,” Christina admits. “Nothing brings me such joy as natural gemstones. Therefore, on my last birthday, I received a piece of mountain crystal of incredible beauty as a gift from my husband.

“Here it is, my handsome man,” the woman from Murmansk took out of the rack a heavy snow-white “cobble stone” studded with transparent crystals. – With its help, you can even relieve a headache, for this it is enough to lie down for a while with a piece of mineral on your forehead. I have tested this many times.

According to Christina, other minerals also have mystical properties. For example, amethyst is considered a stone of tranquility. Calms, soothes, reduces stress and tension. Amulets with this mineral are often ordered by motorists from the craftswoman.

– Bright and interesting dreams can be given by selenite if you put it under the pillow at night – continues the woman from Murmansk. – Rose quartz is a symbol of love, tenderness and spiritual harmony. Rhodonite awakens hidden talents and abilities. Many green stones contribute to the attraction of finances, for example, malachite, chrysoprase, jade. By the way, somehow I made a bracelet with these minerals and after a few days I was able to earn good money from the sale of my jewelry. The mineral pyrite is also considered a powerful money talisman. Black stones protect against negative influences – obsidian, agate, black tourmaline. Rauch topaz also has the ability to absorb the negative energy that accumulates around a person, it is also called smoky quartz.

Unique exhibits

There are also many rare minerals in the Murmansk collection. For example, dioptase, aquamarine, stichtide. A special place among the exhibits is occupied by the ammonite, a petrified mollusk that lived more than a million years ago, and a small belemnite, part of the tentacle of an ancient squid that long ago turned into stone.

“One of my favorite minerals is labrador,” notes Christina. – This is a stone of clairvoyants, diviners. It helps to develop intuition, which nature gives to all people from birth, but as they age, most people lose the skills of clairvoyance and clairvoyance.

A Murmansk woman’s passionate love for minerals was passed on to her eldest daughter, Shanti. A four-year-old baby already accurately determines the names of various stones and carefully stores his treasures in a separate box. Spirals of the Universe Christina also uses natural minerals in the production of orgonites – bio-energy devices in the form of a pyramid, which followers of mystical teachings consider to be harmonizers of space, capable of clearing it of negative, harmful radiations.

“Recently I saw such gizmos on the Internet and immediately wanted to do something similar,” says the girl. – I bought an epoxy silicone mold and layered an amethyst ball with obsidian and sadolite crystals, spiraling copper wire over the base. By the way, the spiral is one of the most common decorative patterns of all times and peoples. It is the foundation of the whole world. DNA strands spiral, tornadoes, mollusc shells, sunflower seeds, even galaxies spiral. No wonder the spiral is considered the most powerful energy symbol.

By the way, that is why the stone Babylon, which is located outside Murmansk, three hundred meters from the Kola highway, became one of Christina’s favorite places of power.

“When my heart is heavy, there are some unresolved issues, I always end up in this spiral maze,” notes the northerner. – This place energizes, harmonizes the mind and feelings, non-standard ideas and ways to solve various problems are born here. Once, when there was a very difficult period in my life, I walked near Babylon in Murmansk and asked for help. And suddenly I felt that the higher forces, the Universe, were allowing me to take the stone from the labyrinth home. A piece of this magical creation still sits on the bedside table, helping with its magical effects. When it finally settles, I will definitely take it back.

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