A fighter from Murmansk will be shown all over the country

On Monday, November 14, at 9:20 p.m., the premiere of the multi-series action detective “Barents Sea” (12+) will take place on the TV channel “Russia 1”. The film is produced by Star Media. The series was filmed in Murmansk, Polarny, Ura-guba and Retinsky, so every polar viewer will see places dear to his heart.

Twisted plot

As Vecherny Murmansk already said, Barents Sea is a continuation of the rating series Black Sea (12+), which premiered in the spring of 2020 on the Rossiya TV channel. The director of the film is Oleg Fomin. The main roles in the continuation of the series were played by the stars of Russian cinema Ekaterina Vilkova, Pavel Trubiner and Igor Petrenko. The Center for the Development of Film Production supported the Russian film company in the realization of the project.

According to the plot, the series takes place in 1944. According to information obtained by a recruited German agent, a major sabotage was planned at one of the Arctic ports through which the Soviet Union received aid from the Lend-Lease Allies. In order to thwart the enemy’s operation and save the port from the impending catastrophe, the heroes Elena Solei and Sergey Saburov, already known to the audience, will have to.

“The military topic is very close and interesting to me. The whole history of my family is closely connected with the Great Patriotic War. My grandmother went through two concentration camps, was tortured by the Gestapo, but did not surrender. In the new season, the main characters will face many difficulties: they will get into extreme situations, and their personal relationships will be tested for strength more than once, “said the director of the film.

Priceless emotions

The shooting was massive. They lasted from July 25 to August 15, 2021. From Moscow to Murmansk, the directors drove several cars with equipment and military uniforms. In the capital of Kola Arktika, houses in the Zhilstroy microdistrict were used as decorations.

To recreate the historical context, the help of Murmansk residents was needed, who became participants in mass scenes and played small roles. Costume designers and make-up artists transformed our contemporaries into sailors and officers, townspeople and prisoners of the 1940s.

It is no accident that the creators of the series chose to cast supporting actors among the local residents. According to them, they give credibility to the events taking place, they fit better into the color of the area than the visiting artists.

An employee of the regional scientific library in Murmansk, Ekaterina Mavlyutova, did not even think that she could get used to the role so much. But the shooter played brilliantly!

– On the set of the TV series “Barents Sea” I was a foreman of the extras and helped to recruit actors. They asked me to become Ekaterina Vilkova’s understudy, I agreed. And then the director Oleg Fomin approved me for the role of a shooter, – Ekaterina described this acting experience in an interview. – Getting to the location was more difficult than learning the lyrics because we were shooting high up on a hill and it was hot that day. Psychologically it was also difficult, probably because I take everything to heart. Standing in military uniform on a hill, I felt like the war had started, such emotions overwhelmed me! I had to imagine seeing fighter jets in the sky and report it. I believed in everything so much that I was scared. But when I heard, “Stop, shot!”, I relaxed and could smile again.

The Kharitonov family from Murmansk was lucky enough to participate in the filming of the series. The mother of the family, Angelina Kharitonova, remembers the days of making the film with delight, despite the cold and fatigue that prevailed then.

– Of course, everything was extremely interesting to us, but this is also a very big deal. In practice, I stood motionless in one place for five hours in a row, and not in comfortable sneakers, but in the distributed shoes, – the woman from Murmansk shared her impressions.

It was hard for the kids too. So, at the beginning of filming, Angelina took off her jacket from her four-year-old granddaughter Milana, because it was stuffy, and when it became very cold, it was no longer possible to dress the child, because they started filming her without a jacket. By evening everyone was already tired, they wanted to eat. The Kharitonovs had a car full of food, but it was far away and it was impossible for them to leave the set. They all held out. They were each paid 1,200 rubles a day for the filming in the Barents Sea, but Angelina says that the most important thing is not the money, but the memories and emotions.

– On the set, I realized that the best toy for a child is a stick. When the children didn’t have phones in them, they played with the provided wooden props so selflessly that they were very interesting to watch. They made a walkie-talkie out of rotten chips, a revolver out of knots, and the old pallet served as a temporary bed, – said Angelina Kharitonova. How lucky we and our children are! A few decades ago, acting in such a film was a dream that could rarely come true for anyone.

I am expecting a great movie

Once on the set, a stunt double was needed for the actress Ekaterina Vilkova. Murmansk radio presenter Yulia Averina was very suitable for this role. Note that an understudy for the main roles is selected if, due to objective circumstances, the actor cannot play in the planned scene.

Julia Averina is engaged in cycling, tight and slender. She tries on a military uniform tailored to Vilkova’s measurements. The suit fits perfectly. The shoes turned out to be the wrong size and I had to be patient.

Residents of Murmansk actively talked about their acting experience on the VKontakte social network. “It was very interesting! I was amazed by the cohesion of the whole team. The work of director and master of his craft Oleg Borisovich Fomin deserves special respect! I admire his endurance and humorous approach to almost any difficulties,” said Vyacheslav Brel from Murmansk. Alexander Klepikov supported his opinion: “The first film I participated in shooting. It was very cool!

Residents of the regional center not only starred in films, but also worked as part of a film crew as drivers, administrators, workers, foremen on mass scenes and transported historical equipment. As a result, more than a thousand citizens participated in the creation of a historical film.

The film crew worked the last shift in the fishing port and hospital town. By the way, due to the interest of local residents, who occasionally fell into the frame, the director Oleg Fomin could not say “Motor!” for almost an hour. and get started!

We are sure that the participants of the filming will remember the Barents Sea project forever. Now the extras will be able to see the results of their work on the federal television channel. Looking forward to the release of the series!


Photo by Nordfilm Group

in the VKontakte social network.


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