A dangerous playground in the center of Murmansk will be taken to storage

The dismantling of the “Fairytale Kingdom” playground in Murmansk caused a heated discussion on social networks. Workers dismantled structures at a playground for young northerners in Rusanov Lane, next to the Murmansk Mall shopping and entertainment complex.

The site has always attracted small residents of Murmansk and their parents, who on a nice day went for a walk and bought something in the nearby shopping center. As Vecherny Murmansk has already said, over the years of work, his appearance left much to be desired. Some of the structures were rusted, the paint on the elements was peeling, and vandals had scratched the facades. In August of last year, the Murmansk City Parks and Squares institution updated the structure and paint of the site and continued to maintain its condition. Now the Fairytale Kingdom has been completely dismantled, as it does not meet the technical regulations and is not safe for children.

“Actually, it was already in a terrible state, I would even say dangerous for the children”, “You’re not right again, let them put a new one on, it’s good”, “It’s high time to change it! This design is already about 13 years old, ”said the residents of Murmansk.

“Vecherka” found out from experts the future of this popular playground.

– The object is not subject to repair, even spare parts are no longer produced for it. All structures will be moved to a warehouse and subsequently destroyed in accordance with the current legislation, – said Yevgeny Lazarev, deputy director for improvement and operation of parks and squares of the municipal institution “Murmansk City Parks and Squares”. – The issue of installing a new gaming complex is under consideration. I will add that this facility is included in the program “Formation of a comfortable urban environment” for 2025.

Photo: VK Murmansk group


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