540 civil servants in Novgorod “pump” their competences at Novgorod State University: communication and stress resistance – “Novgorod” Veliky Novgorod Gazette

Since September, classes for civil servants at the Higher School of Management of the Government of the Novgorod Region have been held at the site of the Humanitarian Institute of the Novgorod State University. According to the portal of NovSU, 540 employees and employees of regional ministries acquire stress resistance skills and multitasking ability.

“Part of the planned contingent has already gone through this program – about 200 people,” says Inna Andreyanova, head of the Higher School of Management sector. — “NovSU specialists and experts from neighboring regions work with the students. Colleagues from the Higher School of Economics, Rosatom and even specialists from Chelyabinsk come to the domestic policy blocks. The lecturers of our university provide basic competences and methodically accompany the tracks. By the end of December, we will train 540 people in regular and remote form.”

The specialist specified that online civil servants take courses on conflict-free communication, multitasking and stressful situations.

We add that the university has received a request to create such a course from the government of the Novgorod region. The various regional ministers have identified the deficient competencies of their staff and identified a pool of experts who have the necessary training skills. The university only had to organize the educational process.

photo portal NovSU

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